Provided you have already obtained a cloud web hosting account from some other web hosting company in the past, you've probably encountered a situation where you have to wait for hours, often even for a few days to have your new account set up and activated. The process is normally automated, still with the vast majority of payment systems a new payment goes in the queue and is completed when a live person sees it. With smaller website hosting companies, this may happen once a day at a certain time and if you've acquired an account using a reseller in the past, you've most probably waited for quite a while. In this way you lose long time in waiting around instead of spending it on handling your websites.
Instant Account Activation in Cloud Web Hosting
If you purchase a cloud web hosting plan through our company, you'll not need to wait as your new account will be activated immediately. Within a matter of minutes we'll set everything up and we'll send you the account login info, to enable you to start working on your websites immediately. If you buy a domain name along with the hosting plan, it will be accessible online minutes after your order, so if your site is ready and you have the files on your computer, you can go ahead and upload them. If you select any of our cost free script-driven applications to be pre-installed during the hosting account’s creation, it will also be ready to use with no delay and since we're available at all times, you can buy a brand new account even during holidays and have it activated right away.