A catch-all feature that is enabled for a specific email mailbox will permit you to receive emails that are sent to addresses that do not actually exist. Otherwise stated, if you remove an email address and somebody still sends a message to it, or to any mistyped email address under the very same domain, you will get the email in the catch-all mailbox. Using this functionality implies that you won’t miss an email for any reason whatsoever, which could be vital in case you run some company, for example. Since you may start receiving unsolicited bulk emails, you can combine the catch-all option with email filters so as to get only legitimate email messages in your inbox. Only one mailbox per domain name can be a catch-all one and email forwarding cannot be activated for a catch-all mailbox.
Catch-all Emails in Cloud Web Hosting
You will be able to configure a catch-all email mailbox easily in case you’ve got a cloud web hosting account with us. The Email Manager tool in our custom-created Hepsia Control Panel is feature-laden, yet stunningly intuitive, and it will enable you to activate different features, including the catch-all one, with only several clicks. All the email addresses that you’ve got will be displayed in alphabetical order in this section and on the right side of each one you will find a mini "Catch-all" sign. Clicking it once will enable this option, clicking on it once more will deactivate it. As you can have only one such catch-all mailbox per domain, our system will notify you if you’ve already got another one with this option enabled or if you’ve got activated email forwarding.